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Metamorphosis Boot Camps



"I attended Metamorphosis Bootcamp in October 2013  It  was tremendous, motivational, structured and held me accountable for my own progress.

The  education on nutrition/allowable foods coupled with exercise program were both essential for me. Attacking only exercise and not food does not solve anything.


THANK YOU for jumpstarting my new life with Metamorphosis Bootcamp.

In the first picture attached I weigh 175-180 pounds



bootcamp text in sand

In the second picture, taken in June  2014  I am the skinny girl in green, I have lost 45 pounds, almost three stone!


At 48 years of age I am proud to share that I have maintained 130 pounds ( my teenage weight!!) since April this year and am utterly ecstatic.!!!"


Louise (London)

"I will gladly be a reference/testimonial any day and in any way for you. I urge you to please keep up your amazing program - You are supremely gifted in many ways.


When one of the instruction team  shared with me one  morning on the walk to the beach, their  back injury and recovery story and all of the struggles they experienced getting back to health really helped me feel not alone post my ruptured discs /surgery and recovery.


Your team are very motivational and interject  humour with serious, structured workouts in a masterful manner.


Count on me to support you in any way I can the way I feel you supported me


Again my sincerest thank you as Metamorphosis boot camp was and is a godsend. "



Siobhain (Dublin)

"Great Job from Michael and the  Metamorphosis team!

Thanks for offering such an awesome boot camp and post course support program!

I particularly like the access to the App to log in for food and exercise options.

This is a fabulous tool that has helped me stick to the guidelines you gave us all during the boot camp.


I have lost 14 pounds since attending you September Bootcamp, an amazing result by any standards in 9 weeks!


I feel healthier, feel lighter and have more energy throughout the day.


Thanks again for everything."

Naomi (Leeds)

before and after 1

"What I enjoyed the most during metamorphosis boot camp was the group dynamic, being able to work at your own level, and I really appreciate the support from the other participants and the instructors.

There is never a dull moment, and each day was completely different from previous days.

I used to find that when I was working out by myself at the gym, I would find ways to put it off until later in the day because it is really boring and takes great discipline. Now I know others are the same and that my attitude was influencing my behaviour, and making me skip workouts or eat poorly.

The whole mindset aspect was truely enlightening.

I especially like the fact that all the exercises are based in other areas of physical fitness like Yoga, cardio, and resistance using natural movements, no weights or complicated equipment  

My biggest concern about attending Boot Camp was that I wouldn't be able to keep up and complete anything. Surprisingly, I did alright."


Amy (Cardif)

before and after 2

"Thank everyone at Metamorphosis for your support and direction!

I had spent years trying various diets and kept piling on weight, my confidence was low and there was little support from my GP. I was recomended Metamorphosis by a friend who attended a boot camp in 2013 and had lost a stone in a month and it stayed off.

I attended your boot camp in January 2014 and to date I have lost 85lbs!

The boot camp is like a masterclass, teaching us everything we needed to loose the unwanted weight, maintain a helathy nutritional and exercise program and most importantly, how to use the power of positive thinking and the growth mindset to improve ourselves.

Now I enjoy healthy foods and seldom miss a workout, you made it all so easy to understand."

Shelly (London)