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Metamorphosis Boot Camps

How do I book?


You can contact a member of the team at our head office who will be more than happy to take your booking over the phone 0n 07708413730. We take a €400 deposit to confirm your place and final payment is due 4 weeks before your arrival date.

What payment method do you use?


We ask for a €400 deposit upon booking to secure your place and the balance is to be paid 4 weeks before you go. All major Credit/Debit cards are accepted. BACS payments, PayPal and Money Bookers (SKRILL) are also accepted.


How do we get there / what time?


Transfers are available from Barcelona El Prat airport and Girona airport.

All meeting times and transport information will be given to you in your confirmation letter upon booking. If you do not receive your confirmation letter within 24 hours of booking please call us directly to speak to one of our team on 07708412730.

You will be advised of the pickup time of our transfer service so that you can arrange your flight around this. Ryanair fly regularly to this airport from many U.K airports.

Visit to check if they fly from an airport near you.

Alternatively visit for other airlines servicing BCN.

If you have any further questions concerning your transport always feel free to call our advisors and ask.

Can I change my booking to another boot camp if I want?


Unfortunately  not. Our company policy is not to allow people to change boot camps. If you do need to change boot camps due to extreme circumstances we will proceed to sell your place and then we will transfer you to a mutually convenient date for a £100 fee.

What are the details of your cancellation policy?


If you have to cancel, we cannot offer a refund. If you do need to change boot camps due to extreme circumstances we will proceed to sell your place and then we will transfer you to a mutually convenient date for a £100 fee.

We would advise all participants to take out holiday travel insurance at the time of booking, this would give participants who need to cancel an opportunity to claim from their insurance for cancelation costs.

What is the average group size?


At the moment we take groups no larger than 16 people, this is to ensure that the ratio of instructor to participant is adequate as many boot camps have 20-30 people and only one instructor.

What is the Average Age of participants?

It varies considerably, however the average would be between 30-55 years old.

We get 20 year olds and we get 65 year olds, age really is not a factor.

How fit should I be to attend?


We accept individuals will all levels of fitness. Whether you are a regular fitness enthusiast or not we will strive to maximise your potential.

It is not a competition on our boot camps, it is about personal development with the emphasis on personal.

What if I am overweight?


Well you are in the right place!  Of course we accept participants struggling with their weight, this is our forte. Our boot camp exercise and nutritional program is specifically designed to assist in healthy fat loss by guiding participants along to path to a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.

What if I have allergies or intolerances? Can I still attend?


If you have allergies we would ask for a letter from your G.P stating the extent of your allergy and that you are healthy enough to attend.

If you have intolerances towards certain foods, please inform us in the medical questionnaire and we will arrange your nutritional plan around this.

Please note: Personal dislikes of certain foods does not constitute an allergy or intolerance.

What if I have an injury?


Our mission is to improve your wellbeing, so with that in mind you will need to make us aware of any injuries you are carrying prior to attending.

If the injury is of a serious nature and you are in recovery, a letter from your G.P stating your fitness is essential.

What if I am type I diabetic?


Due to the nutritional plan not containing a lot of carbohydrates and our exercise program being quite intense, the boot camp may not suit people with this type of diabetes.

Please contact us prior to booking your place to discuss the matter in more detail.

How long after giving birth can I attend boot camp?


We recommend a period of 6-8 weeks before attending one of our boot camps.

Is it a military style boot camp, will instructor shout at me?


No and no, we do not believe this is conductive to your development.

The military boot camp is very much over rated in our opinion. Military "beasting" of recruits is used to instil discipline in 18-20 year old men and even so it is being phased out by the modern military as research has shown that it does not make a fitter soldier.


What is the food like on a metamorphosis boot camp?


Our food is freshly prepared daily from locally sourced organic produce. There is no wheat or dairy as we follow a primal or "paleo" eating plan. We do not use any type of processed foods in our menu.

You will have three main meals per day plus two healthy snacks (fruit salads/smoothies/nut mix).

I am a smoker, can I smoke at metamorphosis boot camps?


Yes, in designated smoking areas only.

Can I use my cell phone?


Yes, but not during scheduled exercise time.

How much weight will I lose during the boot camp?


It varies from individual to individual, but the average weight loss from our boot camps is between 7 and 11 pounds (3.2kg-5kg).

More importantly than this weight loss in a week is the weight loss in the following weeks should participants continue with our regime and follow the instructions we provide at no extra cost for a period of 1 month through our App.

The online portal is exclusive to metamorphosis boot camp participants and includes progressions to the workouts you will experience during our boot camp along with meal plans, recipes and motivational articles.


Many previous participants who have followed this program have lost on average between

14lbs - 25lbs (6.3kg-11.3kg) over a five week period (1 week boot camp + 4 weeks online program)

This weight loss is healthy weight loss and predominantly fat loss. It is not a "fad" crash diet nor would we recommend such an approach to weight loss.

Is my current fitness level assessed?


Yes. This will be the first thing we do when all participants arrive.

Each participant will be interviewed separately, their motivation and goals noted along with a short fitness assessment which gives our trainers an idea of where you are and where you need to go.

We weigh participants at the beginning of each boot camp and again on the final day.

Some participants opt out of this weigh in and we fully understand and respect their decision. If you would rather not be weighed, just tell us during the initial assessment.


Do I have to share a room or can I have a room to myself?


You can book a room for yourself, this will cost more and can be done on the availability and prices page on our website.

All rooms, single occupancy or shared have en-suite bathrooms.

What clothing should I bring, do I need any special exercise equipment?


We will send you a detailed kit list of what clothing you should bring with you. We would advise participants to invest in waterproof boots, jacket and trousers as we will be hiking in the nearby Pyrenees and the weather can be variable. It is also advisable to bring a hydration system with you (i.e. belt mounted water container or camel bak water reservoir.

You do not have to bring any specialist exercise equipment, we will provide all necessary specialist equipment as and when need on the boot camp.


What are the meal times during Metamorphosis boot camps?


Generally speaking, breakfast is served at 09.00 hrs, lunch at 12.30hrs and dinner of 19.00hrs.

Two light snacks are served in between these times. These snacks are fruit salads, smoothies and mixed nuts.